Especially the matching accessories are very important for your successful appearance.Complete your outfit and look for the matching accessories from our wide range of jackets, boleros, veils, shoes, headdresses, gloves, umbrellas and much more.

Jackets, boleros, stolas

Jackets, boleros or stoles are not only in demand on cool evenings. Choose from a wide selection of these accessories made of different materials and styles and add a bridal gown to a unique ensemble.


This accessory for the bride is available in a wide variety of styles, from simple short veils to multi-layered veils with or without end edges, with or without lace, with pearls, stones, etc.In addition to these beautiful additions to your bridal gown, there are also small ornaments such as fascinators.


One of the most important accessories for the bride is a matching headdress. The possibilities are very diverse. With a beautiful headdress in the form of a hairband, individual incorporated elements, floral wreaths, embroidery, tiaras, crowns and much more, you can express your personality increasingly.


We cooperate exclusively with the English top label “Emmy – London”. The entire range of these extraordinary shoes can be found in the online shop

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Additionals, others

Beyond the bridal and evening wear, you will also find an assortment of other accessories and accessories, such as. Garters, gloves, umbrellas, ring pillows, etc. are also bought as gifts for the bride.